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    Less road noise/vibration  Get more music

    About us

    FantMat is the manufacturer – we are a marketer and OEM.

    FantMat is the simplest material to install – super flexible, easy to cut and requires no surface prep – just peel & stick even in the harshest climates!

    FantMat was introduced to automobile manufacturers in 2006, and was approved by NISSAN and ISUZU for in vehicle production. FantMat is the many company that manufacturers its own sound deadening and specified for use by every automobile manufacturer in China. FantMat makes cars, trucks, boats, RV’s buses, appliances, HVAC equipment and home theater more Quiet and Comfortable. We are the best car sound deadening.

    Application field

    Used in Automobile

        Everyone loves the nostalgic look on the outside of your vintage ride, but you want the cool and quiet comfort of today's models on the inside. FantMat cuts and forms easily to the firewall, floor pan, tunnel, roof, doors, and trunk. It should be part of every restoration build plan 


    • Reduce noise
    • Reduce heat
    • Increase comfort
    • Easy to install (DIY)

    Used in the car audio

        Our Quiet Tape and Wave Breaker kits prevent vibration, distortion and rattles, so you hear the pure, clear sound you want without any unwanted noise interference  

    Heavy Truck

        Give your home on the road all the comforts of home... and more. Shop for noise-reducing and thermal-insulating products for your big rig, including hood liner, door, and cab & floor kits  

    Who We are?

         Rated FantMat® provides incredible sound reduction and thermal insulation benefits from technology proven for over a quarter of a century in the automotive, heavy truck, home appliance, recreation and marine industries. Reduce noise and heat. Get the best performance every time with FantMat  

    Car sound insulation

    Why Choose us?

          Do you ever drive on the highway at 65 - 70 miles per hour and then exit? When you come to a stop light what is the first thing you do? The first thing you do is turn the radio down because it is too loud! The noise in your vehicle while driving on the highway forced you to turn up the volume so you could hear it over the noise. Everyone does it every day! You don't have to. FantMat installed in your car, truck, SUV or wagon will lower the noise floor by over 10 Db which in turns allows the full amplified sound to flow throughout the interior. You will almost certainly gain of 2Db of quality sound from your stock stereo - even more on higher quality aftermarket systems. 

    We are the best car sound deadening!

    FantMat will be less noise, get more music!  

    Is Road Noise drowning out your car stereo? Auto sound deadening should be your next project.

    FantMat makes every car stereo sound BETTER!

    If you’re installing an aftermarket car stereo or just replacing a set of speakers, you need FantMat.

    If you want to hear your blue-tooth set better or simply want to have a conversation in your car without yelling, you need FantMat.

    FantMat auto sound deadening material reduces road noise, vibrations and rattles that prevent you from hearing all the music, your blue-tooth or your GPS!