What is FantMat made of?

    FantMat Ultra is a compounded blend of butyl rubbers formulated specifically for low, room and high temperature properties. FantMat is thinner but offers significantly higher density that competing products. This product advantage allows us to provide a product that is significantly more flexible and easier to work with material that offers you dramatically higher performance.

    What is FantMat?

    FantMat is a line of vibration damping (not “dampening”), thermal insulation, sealing and sound absorption materials formulated to eliminate noise caused by noise, engine, structural vibration, and mobile electronic systems. FantMat materials also serve to reduce the thermal transfer from engine, exhaust and local ambient weather into the interior of your automobile. FantMat materials are the easiest materials to apply. Leading installers all over the world have confirmed that FantMat installs in ½ the time versus competing brands. We are convinced that once you try FantMat you won’t want anything else in your installations. Simply peel and stick!

    What is a dB?

    DB stands for decibel. It is the physical measure for sound pressure level (SPL). It is a logarithmic scale. This means a 5 dB SPL reduction requires a 70% reduction in sound power in the noise. A 10dB reduction in SPL requires that the sound power be reduced by a factor of 10! The human ear recognizes a 2-3 dB change in sound pressure.

    What sound reduction can i expect from a FantMat installation?

    Our efforts in the China Automotive Industry have shown dramatic dB reductions. We have reduced interior noise by up to 10 dB. 3-5 dB is readily attained in most installations. We eliminate the structural vibration/engine/road noise so you can experience the pure sound of your vehicle and mobile electronic system. It is not uncommon for a vehicle with complete FantMat surface coverage to achieve up to a 15-20 dB reduction in structural vibration generated noise and road noise.

    What is vibration damping or also sometimes referred to as “dampening”?

    Damping is the physics that converts vibration energy into heat. The FantMat Ultra is formulated to dissipate (reduce) this energy and absorb it into the material at any temperature below 550 degrees F (288C). This dramatically reduces the vibration energy and the noise that comes from it. Damping is primarily a mass over area physical science and damping materials characteristics are relevant in three primary areas: 

    Adhesion –



    FantMat is superior in all three areas when compared to the other brands. FantMat provides superior adhesion across the broad temperature spectrum from -30 to 550 degrees F. FantMat is significantly more flexible than competitive brands, even in freezing temperatures, and no heat guns are needed nor special tools to install it. All you need is a pair of hands and a pair of scissors. FantMat is thinner. However it is slightly higher weight per square foot than the closest competitor. FantMat contains no plastic or asphalt fillers, therefore, you do not have to double layer the application. FantMat is also manufactured in the China!