• Self-adhesive 6mm Closed - Cell Foam Sound Deadening

    Model: DM-004

    Size: 80cm*50cm (4.3sq ft )

    Thickness: 6.0mm

    Color: Black foam

    Weight: 0.4kg

    Packing: 40pcs/ Master carton

    Temperature range: -50°F To +240°F

    Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water and mineral oils

    Certification: CE RoHs SGS

    Product introduction:

    Fantmat 6mm self-adhesive closed cell foam sound insulation is self adhesive mats of highly effective

    acoustical grade close cell foam as thermal-acoustic barrier. it is light weight & flexible, perfect for

    reducing heat and noise generated from engines,exhausts or the summers sun. we recommend that

    apply it on the butyl car sound deadening material-. when applied on butyl material car sound deadening,

    these products will insulate the noise and heat that penetrate the butyl material car sound deadening

    below and make your car cool and quiet

    Functions :

    1, Release the structure transmission attenuation vibration energy

    2, Decrease Vibration and Heat From the engine

    3, Decrease Interior (speaker and car body), Engine, Exhaust Noise, and Vibration.

    4, Reduce External noise (tires on the road, other cars, wind, etc)

    5, Lessen the vibration of the structure shaking or the striking

    6, Increase the value of your vehicle

    7, Increase your car audio sound effect, make you better music!

    8, Enjoyed you a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride

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