• High density high rebound self-adhesive wave sponge.

    Model: DM-006

    Model: FTM-006

    Size: 100cm*50cm (5.3sq ft )

    Thickness: 32mm

    Color: Black foam

    Weight: 0.6kg

    Packing: 30pcs/ Master carton

    Temperature range: -50°F To +240°F

    Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water and mineral oils

    Certification: CE RoHs SGS

    Product introduction:

    Fantmat high density high rebound self-adhsive Wave sponge is a kind of sponge material with

    polyamine ester sponge, which is made by the complex process, such as sound absorption,

    sound absorption, sound insulation and shock absorber.Sponge surface wave shape, have

    good sound-absorbing noise reduction effect of shock absorption, wavy material with small

    space inside, porous structure can absorb a large number of incoming acoustic energy and

    acoustic attenuation effect, for tested good sound-absorbing effect, absorption coefficient

    of 0.85, is deadened the noise damping materials of high performance products.Attractive

    appearance and sound acoustic characteristics;The sound waves are reflected back and

    forth in the sponge to absorb the sound of less than 500HZ, reducing the interference and

    reverberation of the indoor reflection sound and improving the purity of the sound.

    Functions :

    1, Release the structure transmission attenuation vibration energy

    2, Decrease Vibration and Heat From the engine

    3, Decrease Interior (speaker and car body), Engine, Exhaust Noise, and Vibration.

    4, Reduce External noise (tires on the road, other cars, wind, etc)

    5, Lessen the vibration of the structure shaking or the striking

    6, Increase the value of your vehicle

    7, Increase your car audio sound effect, make you better music!

    8, Enjoyed you a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride

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