• Butyl rubber car sound deadening

    Model: FTM-R8

    Size: 800cm*46cm

    Thickness: 2.2mm

    Color: Black aluminum+Black butyl

    Weight: 17kg

    Packing: 1Roll/ Box

    Tensile strength: 75(KPa)

    Peel strength: 12.5(N/25mm)

    Temperature range: -50°F To +240°F

    Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water and mineral oils

    Certification: CE RoHs SGS

    Product introduction:

    Fantmat butyl material car sound deadening is a light-weight, blastomeric butyl and aluminum constrained-layer

    vibrational damper. With multi-layer composite, Fantmat butyl material car sound deadening not only reduces the

    noise but also the vibration, and it can isolate the heat outside the car. The butyl material car sound deadening can

    easily fuse to sheet metal and other hard substrates. Applying with butyl material car sound deadening, it can

    strengthen your car’s body panel too. The material is highly resistant to aging and makes your car be quiet and cool

    all the time! It is the base deadening of sound control. Applied with the butyl material car sound deadening reduce

    greatly the noise delivered from your vehicle body, it converts the sound & vibration energy to heat. It will increase the loss factor up to 0.417 You can easily get more pure and quality music.


    SHELF LIFE: At least 6 months when stored at 40°C or less


    RESISTANCE: Fantmat ULTRA will withstand a bake of 1 hour at 240°C

    with no deformation, sag, or flow when baked in horizontal, vertical or inverted positions.

    COLD FLEXIBILITY: Can be bent around 25mm. mandrel at -30°C

    with no cracking or loss of adhesion.

    FLAMMABILITY: Tested per FMVSS 302, Fantmat ULTRA is self-extinguishing and meets

    all aspects of the standard.

    SAFETY: Fantmat ULTRA is not considered a hazardous material. Care should be used

    in handling to avoid cuts from the foil. Gloves are recommended. The Material Safety Data

    Sheet is available upon request and should be read and understood before using this product.

    PEEL STRENGTH: Tested in 90° peel at a crosshead speed of 300mm per minute on a 25mm wide test specimen. Average load in Newtons is reported.

    Functions :

    1, Release the structure transmission attenuation vibration energy

    2, Decrease Vibration and Heat From the engine

    3, Decrease Interior (speaker and car body), Engine, Exhaust Noise, and Vibration.

    4, Reduce External noise (tires on the road, other cars, wind, etc)

    5, Lessen the vibration of the structure shaking or the striking

    6, Increase the value of your vehicle

    7, Increase your car audio sound effect, make you better music!

    8, Enjoyed you a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride