• Butyl rubbler sandwich sound deadening

    Model: FTM-R6

    Thickness: 5mm

    Weight: 11kg

    Temperature range: -50°F To +240°F

    Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water and mineral oils

    Certification: CE RoHs SGS

    Tensile strength: 75(KPa)

    Peel strength: 12.5(N/25mm)

    Size: 1sheet 50cm*600cm (32sq ft )

    Color: Black foam+Silver aluminum+Black butyl

    Packing: 1pcs/ box in Master carton

    Fantmat sandwich sound deadening is made up of three layers, 1.5mm thickness butyl and 0.05mm thickness

    aluminum and 4mm thickness open hole foam. it can attenuate the low frequency greatly and isolate the vibration

    from the road and the engine.

    Triple parts products: 3 effects

    1. Viscoelastic absorption

    absorbs the metallic resonance of the door

    2. Aluminum

    less more road noise

    3. Acoustic foam

    cancels the harmonic distortions by the absorption of a part of the back wave

    Functions :

    1, Release the structure transmission attenuation vibration energy

    2,Decrease Vibration and Heat From the engine

    3,Decrease Interior (speaker and car body), Engine, Exhaust Noise, and Vibration.

    4,Reduce External noise (tires on the road, other cars, wind, etc)

    5, Lessen the vibration of the structure shaking or the striking

    6, Increase the value of your vehicle

    7,Increase your car audio sound effect, make you better music!

    8,Enjoyed you a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride


    • Use for floor, door,trunk,

    stereo enclosures, under dash,

    inner firewall and etc

    • Easy-to-install, very high-strength

    adhesive butyl rubber

    • Eliminate body/floor vibration

    • Better audio sound quality

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